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Kommandoer eller prompts - instruer GPT korrekt

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Jeg har allerede skrevet om prompts, og lagt en række prompts til ChatGPT ud her: Danske ChatGPT prompts

Men ofte er det ikke nødvendigt med prompts.

Så snart ChatGPT har forstået sammenhængen og det overordnede sigte med en samtale, så kan det være tilstrækkeligt at give kommandoer.

Men hvad er så forskellen? Lad od starte med at spørge ChatGPT selv.

As an AI language model, GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) allows for interactions between human users and machines. For users to perform actions, GPT requires input either in the form of a command or a prompt. Although these two terms may seem interchangeable, they have significant differences in their usage when it comes to interacting with GPT.

A command is a set of specific instructions given to the AI model to perform a particular action. For instance, a command could be asking GPT to generate a small piece of text or answer questions. In this sense, a command does not require the user to input much information; it is a straightforward instruction for the AI model to follow. Commands are useful when the user wants to get a specific answer to a specific question or accomplish a specific task with their interaction with the language model.

On the other hand, a prompt is a broader statement or question that provides context for the machine to generate a larger piece of information. Unlike a command, a prompt requires more information from the user as it is a more open- ended instruction. The user provides information, and the machine generates a response. Prompt requests in GPT may be more conversational in nature, and the answers may be more loosely based on the input given, as it is encouraged to give more variety in response rather than a singular fixed answer. Prompts also allow for diverse interactions between the user and the AI model, as the user can input more nuanced and comprehensive data that leads to a diverse range of answer potentials.

In summary, commands are direct and specific instructions to the AI model, while prompts provide a prompt that enables the machine to generate more detailed responses based on the input provided. When using GPT, it is essential to understand the difference between these two inputs to optimize the user’s interaction with the language model.